Sash and Door Restoration

The restoration of classic wood windows and doors is our main service.

Our sash work involves the removal of windows to be brought to our shop.  There, the exterior is stripped to bare wood, the glazing is removed along with loose paint on the interior.   Next, they are primed, glazed, and painted, then returned to the site for installation.

Door work depends on the condition of the door and what the desired finished state is. Services can include full stripping of door, glass replacement, hardware refinishing and proper operation, etc.


Minor Window Repair

Lesser issues can be addressed for sash that are simply painted shut, have their ropes cut, have cracked glass, or any other minor repair that doesn't merit a full restoration. 

Interior & Exterior Casing/Trim Restoration

This service covers everything from mere aesthetic maintenance to the full replacement of failed interior and exterior trim or casing.


Hardware Restoration

Restoring the hardware is an important part of the overall project and brings a renewed accent to the window or door.

Woodwork Fabrication & Replication

We are able to replicate any part of a window that we deem to be beyond restoration. This includes all parts of the sash, the jamb and sill, and any of the interior or exterior trim/casing. We are also capable of fabricating many components that are accessory to wood windows such as interior or exterior screens,  and interior or exterior storm windows, etc. 

Storm Windows & Screens

We offer a full range of storm window services that includes the removal of old/failed aluminum storms, installation of new aluminum storms (of multiple styles and colors), and the manufacture and installation of new wood storms. 

Structural Repair

Beyond just the restoration of windows, we address any failures in the structural opening.  Most typically we repair sills that are no longer pitched to keep water out.  Other common problems are rotted jamb stiles, sills, and subsills.