Window Sash Restoration Process


Paint and Glazing removal

All sashes have their exteriors stripped of paint and glazing down to bare wood before being sanded. Existing glass is set aside to be cleaned. Interiors are stripped and sanded as needed to achieve a solid base over which we can then prime and paint. Sashes are then cleaned to neutralize any lead.



Primed sashes are back-bedded and fitted with original glass before being pointed and finish glazing is applied. Sashes are cleaned with whiting and set to cure.


Joinery Repair

The integrity of the sash's joinery is addressed to ensure the stability of the sash as well as that of all applied finishes. Fixes range from basic squaring and stabilizing of loose joints to complete fabrication of new rails and stiles that replicate the existing joinery.



All sashes are hand painted in the traditional style, lapping paint on to the glass over the glazing slightly to create a seal with the wood. Two coats are applied to both the interior and exterior. Working in latex, oil and various transparent finishes.



Any cosmetic (non-structural) repair including gauges, nail/screw holes, checking, chip outs, etc. are addressed using a high end 2 part wood epoxy. Once applied and set up, it is shaped to eliminate the imperfection after the final finish is applied. Sashes are then primed with oil-based primer.



Finished sashes are brought back to frames that have had similar process performed to them to be made operational. All necessary casing and trim is applied and finished to complete look and operation of restored sash.