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Inglewood Job_August 2013

This was a great job for the variety of fixes that it called for. We always enjoy finding a homeowner who wants to and can interact with their home from a maintenance standpoint as it allows us to do the parts of the job they’d rather not and leave the rest for them to work on. It makes us feel good about the future of the house and it helps save the homeowner some money.

A nice corner lot place being restored by a good guy who had us offer a hand on the windows. All of them had some form of storm window on them and, for that reason, were preserved to decent degree. However, all the windows had been sloppily reglazed the last time someone did the job resulting in excess putty sticking way into the sight line off the muntins. The owners main concern was getting the sight lines cleaned up and, ultimately, a thorough cleaning of both sash and jamb. We did a lot of razor work on the glass, some light sanding on the paint where it flaked, and roped/weighted any sash with a broken cord. In addition, we glazed some obscure, antique Florentine glass into the bottom sash of the bathroom window for privacy (not pictured, unfortunately), repaired and replaced some stick stops on the doors at the front entry to the house (no afters=bad documentation), and built two new window units from jambs and sash that we salvaged from other houses. The documentation was not the best but should give one the idea based on the above description.


Before Before Stick Stop _ Before Salvaged Window Unit _ Before

In Progress: (L to R, Top to Bottom)

-Salvaged sash stripped to wood

-Salvaged jamb that we cut down to the appropriate size

-The jamb, after we cut it down and reattached the sill

-Cut pulley holes for salvaged sashes to go into salvaged jamb

-Cut new weight pocket doors into salvaged jambs


Salvaged Sash _ In Progress Salvaged Jamb _ In Progress Salvaged Jamb _ In Progress Pulley Holes _ In Progress Weight Pocket Door _ In Progress



Salvaged Window Unit _ After Salvaged Window Unit _ After Windows _ After Windows _ After

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